With Enover's EHP technology,
the world's energy, carbon emission, heating and waste heat problems reach the point where they can be completely solved.
DISCOVER ZERO carbon emissions with EHP technology! The 5th generation heating systems with EHP technology, which can operate with an efficiency of up to 100% at low temperatures, consume FOSSIL FUEL in heating! DISCOVER up to 100% ENERGY
Heating and cooling products using EHP technology, the only three-phase heat transfer system in the world, are starting a new era with up to 100% ENERGY EFFICIENCY! GAME IS CHANGING! WORLD IS CHANGING! DISCOVER DISCOVER GREEN ENERGY! REAL REVOLUTION IN ENERGY SAVING! Thanks to EHP technology, we reduce fossil fuel waste by up to 100% and water waste by up to 80%!
We breathe our world!
Enover's EHP technology
recovers the heat released by flue gases at the highest possible rate and at the lowest cost in the world.

Welcome to Enover!

Welcome to eliminate the problems of energy, carbon emissions and waste heat recovery in the world of heat.


EHP technology

For a more beautiful, greener, healthier world;

  • more efficient, more powerful energy saving

  • zero carbon emissions

  • complete recovery of waste heat

  • heat transfer.



While the amount of 6 liters of water used in a standard honeycomb decreased with EHP technology to 0.46 liters, the cost of production of the combs reached 66%!



You can reach 21 ° C, which is the required room temperature for living comfort, in 45 minutes with standard products, and in 21-22 minutes with products with EHP!



With Enover EHP technology, your quality of life increases 100%!

Meet EHP Technology!

It is the only boron-containing three-phase nanotechnological heat transfer product in the world.

EHP is the fastest, most cost effective and most efficient heat transfer technology known.

It is the only heat transfer system that can operate simultaneously in horizontal and vertical directions without requiring any extra operation.

It provides 65% energy saving compared to EHP equivalents.

EHP Technology has a very low installation cost.

With EHP technology, no energy used in heating remains idle.

Quality tested, certificated – revolution in energy efficiency!

Enover’s technology is developed and produced in Europe. Our heaters naturally meet all regulatory requirements as has been shown in numerous tests. Furthermore, we are always developing even more efficient systems and are constantly striving to further enhance our products. We are the sector pioneer when it comes to efficiency – which is the result of ongoing and intensive research and development work.

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