EHP Technology


EHP, is the world’s fastest, most cost-effective, simplest, cheapest, three-phase single heat transfer technology that can operate in various geometric shapes without the need for secondary processing.

EHP, is a revolution in heat transfer and heat recovery.

EHP, is a miraculous way to reduce energy consumption.

EHP, is a miraculous way to increase energy efficiency.

EHP, is a three-phase fluid containing nanoparticles.

EHP, is a miraculous way to zero carbon emissions.

EHP has enormous economic benefits in all industrial sectors that require heat transfer and economy.

With Enover’s EHP technology, you can reduce the cost a lot while providing the highest energy efficiency!

The fastest, most cost-effective and most efficient heat transfer technology known in the world; EHP!



EHP teknolojisi ile bilrilkte standart panel radyatörlerde kullanılan 6 litre su miktarı 0,46 litreye düşerken üretim maliyetleri %66’ya azaldı!



Yaşam konforu için 21°C oda sıcaklığına standart radyatörler ile 45 dakikada ulaşırken EHP’li ürünlerde sadece 21-22 dakikada ulaşabilirsiniz!



EHP teknolojisi ile yaşam kalitenizi %100 artırın!

Meet EHP Technology!

It is the only boron-containing three-phase nanotechnological heat transfer product in the world.

EHP is the fastest, most cost effective and most efficient heat transfer technology known.

It is the only heat transfer system that can operate simultaneously in horizontal and vertical directions without requiring any extra operation.

It provides 65% energy saving compared to EHP equivalents.

EHP Technology has a very low installation cost.

With EHP technology, no energy used in heating remains idle.


EHP rapidly emits homogeneous heat. In this way, it provides high real-life comfort while saving energy.

Systems with EHP work with very little water. It shortens the operating time of the boiler and reduces the load of the pump.

EHP provides energy savings of up to 67%, thanks to its rapid heating and slow cooling.

Nano Technology in Energy!

Thanks to EHP technology, we offer maximum efficiency in our products.

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