Frequently Asked Questions

  • EHP is the only nano-boron particle 3-phase heat transfer system in the world. EHP is the world’s fastest, most efficient, cheapest, most cost effective heat transfer system.

  • Products with EHP provide high energy efficiency and high living comfort. Thanks to the heating and cooling systems with EHP, which react much faster than traditional products, they provide comfort economically.

  • EHP does not cause any harm to health and nature. EHP is not flammable, explosive, toxic, pathogenic or allergenic. It is stated with the MSDS document that there is no harm.

  • EHP has no lifetime. Products with EHP will continue to work as long as they are not damaged and emptied.

  • Thanks to the fast heating and slow cooling structure of EHP, your boiler will have to work for a shorter time in order to keep an average temperature in comfort conditions. In addition, since there is much less water in the radiator, your boiler will heat and circulate much less water. In this way, radiators with EHP allow you to save up to 57% energy.

  • Installation of a radiator with EHP is no different from a conventional radiator. Since there is no water at the top of the EHP radiator, connections should be made from the bottom.

  • EHP radiators are compatible with all boilers. It works smoothly with all boilers under the working conditions that should be.

  • EHP radiators do not need maintenance. There is no need for internal cleaning since it contains very little water. Since there is no water on the top of the EHP radiators, there is no air accumulation and no need to take air.

  • Yes you can. The radiator with EHP will work smoothly in your system.