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Enover; is a technology company that designs and analyzes energy, heat transfer, heat recovery, decarbonization, heating and cooling systems using advanced engineering tools. It was established in 2009 in Ankara. It works by using its own patented technology, EHP.

Enover development and production facilities has 11.000 m² closed and 20.000 m² open area.

EHP technology is the first and only known 5th generation technology applied in the world. EHP technology is the first technology Enover has applied in the world to be used in energy efficiency, decarbonisation, heating, cooling and heat recovery technologies. Enover’s technology, carefully developed and manufactured components opens the door to an optimum and sustainable world.


It is the development and application of the most advanced technology in the fields of energy, decarbonization, heat recovery, heating and cooling.


It is our technology that can completely eliminate the problems of energy and carbon emissions of our world that is offered to the service of the whole world and humanity.

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